Client Updates

Version | Released February 25, 2020

  • Mercury - updated to remove any " . " from the name suffix.
  • Cabrillo MDP - Updated to set maximum coverage E for MDP to 100,000. Higher values are not eligible.
  • Cabrillo MHO / MDP Site and VIP Carrier quotes - Updated to separate the Lot number from the address when it has LOT # included in the address field.
  • Windhaven Auto - Updated to fill the state using all upper case to match the site options.
  • Version | Released February 23, 2020

  • QuoteRush Json Import API - Updated to accept the Web Password in the Json file in addition to the Post Header. This change is in production now and does not need another update.
  • Lighthouse TX - Updated to fill Coverage E and F properly.
  • Updated to no longer prompt for Coastal Select logins, Coastal Select is a carrier that some agents can quote through the GeoVera portal and requires the same logins as GeoVera.
  • Nationwide - updated preflight disclosure message.
  • GeoVera - updated "Coastal Select" quotes to save as Coastal Select instead of as GeoVera.
  • Coastal Select - updated to properly enter the Current Policy Expiration date.
  • Bankers - updated to properly select the "Dwelling Property" link for DP3s if the "Pristine Homeowners" link is not available.
  • Infinity Auto - updated to properly enter the Secondary driver's Relationship and Residency status, updated to fill PIP Coverage, updated to detect if the Garage State is not available for the logins used.
  • Seacoast Brokers - Updated Quick Link. No update is needed for this QuickLink to work.
  • Mercury Auto - updated to enter proper vehicle Use Type if RideShare is selected in QuoteRUSH, updated to properly select Transportation Network (RideShare) question, and updated to fill out violations.
  • AAA - updated to properly enter Protection class and PC9 questions.
  • Cabrillo site and VIP Carrier Quote - Updated to set limited water damage for Miami-dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Osceola and Orange county as requested by carrier.
  • Safeco Auto Site - Updated to set the remarks that are required for violations to NA and allow agent to add more details. Updated to fill the Telematics page based on the garage state availability instead of the mailing state.
  • Wellington - updated to updated the Named Storm Deductible to "Does not Apply" if it is not eligible.
  • Citizens - updated to check that the page exists for a little longer, to prevent QR to become unattached from the page dute to slow loading.
  • Heritage - Removed default for Westpoint, removed Westpoint from quoting and from Open Carrier site.
  • Edison / FL pen site - updated to detect when the logins only have access to quote Flood and not Homeowners.
  • Mission Select TX - Updated minimum coverage A to 150,000 to eliminate quote time out.
  • American Integrity Underwriting guideline update - Per carrier, for HO3 policies in Seminole, Osceola, Lake, and Orange counties ONLY, the Age of Home must be 5 years or newer.
  • American Integrity - Updated the minimum coverage A to 250,000 for DP3 in Lake, Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties when the home is built prior to 1980.
  • Heritage - For Non-FL 0 quotes, such as a Time Out, updated to correctly open the Majesco PAS site instead of the Agent Portal used in FL.
  • Nationwide Auto:
    1. Updated to click Search for Customer automatically.
    2. Updated to check for the Producer Codes amount available and not prompt if not necessary.
    3. Updated to automatically click the "Create Submission" button.
    4. Updated to use a default value of "Single" for marital status if it is not entered in QR.
    5. Resolved issue for "Living with Parent" not being answered.
    6. Resolved issue for "Graduated" question not being answered.
    7. Updated to default Enrollment to Declined for now.
    8. Usage Based Insurance page - updated to programatically enter "declined".
    9.Current Carrier - added preflight as it is required.
    10. Updated to fill Current carrier inception and expiration date, added a preflight for exp date.
  • Nationwide Auto - improved the way we enter Vehicle Coverages to prevent skipping any fields.
  • Florida Family - added a "2%" option to the defaults for inflation guard.
  • Safepoint HO3 - added preflight for Purchase Date required.
  • United TX - Updated to fill Fire alarm, Sprinklers and other fields that caused a 0 quote.
  • Insurance Quotes - updated to properly import lead data for leads with a garage.
  • Hippo - updated to better check if Unit Number is required. If none is entered in QR, then a 0 quote is created.
  • Anchor Premier - updated to no longer detect Errors on the Dwelling page when there arent any.
  • Allstate TX HO6- updated to answer "Maximum length insured" and "Floors" question.
  • Mercury - updated the way we select fields, resolving an issue for some fields not being filled.
  • Version | Released February 16, 2020

  • Avatar - when opening existing quotes, updated to wait for the site to finish loading before attempting to login and search for the quote.
  • Southern Oak Site - Resolved issue with prompting to save a 0 quote multiple times after the valid quote was saved.
  • Southern Oak VIP Quotes - Date of Birth is required to quote. When it is blank, response has an error “Premium cannot be calculated with the data provided.”.
  • Security First - added preflight stating that the Purchase Date cannot be before the year built.
  • American Risk TX - When roof Dialog message appears, updated to close the message box and add the text to the quote instead of timing out. Updated Liability to maximum of $100,000 when there is a Pool.
  • Travelers - updated to no longer search for a lead even when using Open Website.
  • Florida Family - Resolved issue with messages indicating personal property replace cost set to ACV even though it was set to replacement cost on the quote.
  • Hippo - updated to properly click "Continue" button on the Claims Free page.
  • Anchor Premier TX - Updated to set Service Line when it is set in QuoteRUSH. Updated to set Coverage A to carrier minimum.
  • Version | Released February 13, 2020

  • FedNat Sagesure, Occidental Fire & Casualty and SageSure Surplus Lines TX - Resolved issue with quotes timing out.
  • Version | Released February 13, 2020

  • Avatar - Updated to run as Threaded locally on the PC instead of sending to QB.
  • QuoteBOT settings - updated Carrier list to display ASI / Progressive as a single "ASI/Progressive", instead of having both ASI and Progressive as separate carriers.
  • Version | Released February 12, 2020

  • ASI/Progressive - For DP3s, updated to not select Theft Coverage if Coverage C is 0. Theft Coverage requires a Coverage C amount to be eiligible.
  • Brevard County Appraiser - updated to replace "Avenue" with "Ave" in order to get results.
  • Tower Hill - Resolved issue with quotes sometimes stopping at the Home page for DP1 in Hands Free.
  • Universal NA - updated to properly fill out the Animal Liability limit if Dog Liability is selected in QR.
  • Safepoint - Updated to make Coverage A required for HO6. Carrier does not run the RCE for HO6.
  • Version | Released February 11, 2020

  • Frontline VIP Quoting - Updated to make sure phone numbers are valid before adding. Also updated to not include any phone numbers that start with "1", these are not valid for quoting and cause an error.
  • Baker County Appraiser - mapped out new site.
  • Seminole County Appraiser - mapped out new Home/Search page.
  • Alert Auto - updated quoting to use new Authentication standards. Now Agencies will require an Agency Code to quote.
  • Heritage VIP Carrier Quotes - When the Effective date is 2/29, set the date to 2/28 to eliminate errors from the Heritage system. They do not allow quotes on 2/29 due to Leap Year.
  • Saint Johns County Appraiser - updated to import all information.
  • The Hearth - when opening the website, if the login fields are not detected, update to double check instead of just stopping the process.
  • Manatee County Appraiser: 1. Updated to properly import Garages. 2. Update to translate WOOD FRAME to Frame. 3. Update to properly set to Hip/Gable. 4. Updated to properly set to Condo. 5. Updated to ignore the Purchase date table if there is no info in the table.
  • Version | Released February 07, 2020

  • TypTap Flood - updated to properly fill out the login info.
  • Citizens Policy Center - updated to properly fill out Coverage B after getting RCE.
  • Citizens Clearinghouse - updated to properly save the quote before closing.
  • Florida Family - updated to properly enter the Building Code if Reinforced Concrete is entered in QuoteRUSH
  • Citizens Clearinghouse - updated to remove numbers and special characters from names.
  • Foremost Auto - updated to properly fill the Prior Liability field, and to properly fill the go paperless field.
  • Southern Fidelity PC - Per carrier, removed from QuotRUSH for quoting. Southern Fidelity IC (SFIC) and Capitol Preferred (CPIC) are still available to quote.
  • Avatar - Removed Animal Liability from XML file. Avatar removed this field and it caused an error on all quotes.
  • Edison and Florida Peninsula Site and VIP Carrier Quotes - Updated the maximum effective date from 12 to 35 days, as requested by carrier.
  • Gulfstream - updated to fill out Number of Floors for HO6.
  • Updated Neptune Login Process
  • Version | Released February 06, 2020

  • American Traditions - Updated to include limited water damage in Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk and Seminole counties when the age of home is >= 11 years.
  • ASI/Progressive - Resolved issue with quotes not running when submitted to QuoteBOT.
  • Version | Released February 05, 2020

  • Security First- updated to detect the password expired page and create a 0 quote if HF.
  • Progressive Auto - Updated Vehicle Anti Theft to default to None of nothing is entered in QR.
  • Dairyland Auto - updated to remove any special characters when entering the License Number, only letters and numbers are allowed.
  • Priority 2 Quotes submitted from Advanced Search will always run with Credit Permission No.
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