We are now using Twitter as a means of making announcements of important Live News Updates and new features as they become available. This will include crucial fixes that impact running quotes on Carrier Websites and will give us the ability to spread the word about a site being down or offline even faster than we have been able to in the past. If you are not familiar with Twitter or are unsure as to exactly what it is, then check out this Twitter Defining Article that gives an excellent explanation that is easy to understand.


Company Profile

The Genesis of QuoteRush was to create the fastest, most accurate comparative rating system available today while keeping it simple and easy to use. We believe that we have succeeded in our mission, QuoteRush is not only simple and easy to use but lightning fast. We feel it is the most accurate rating product available today by allowing you to work directly on your carrier sites.

Do not forget QuoteRush was created by Insurance Professionals for Insurance Professionals which allows us to stay on the “cutting edge” of your needs as an agency.

We listen and understand, our team is constantly developing add on modules that will benefit your rating experience.

Our rating solution is second to none!


“In the near future there are going to be two kinds of agents, those with QuoteRush and those who realize they had better get QuoteRush in order to succeed in today’s highly competitive Insurance Marketplace”

Paul S. P&C Agent