Lead Integration

No need to waste time entering lead data into your quoting system by hand. QuoteRush automatically imports lead data from different lead providers or from your very own generated lead data.

System Integration

Reduce data entry errors and increase efficiency. This desktop software allows you to easily add all your client and quote data into your management system, so you only have to type it once.

Month to Month

No long-term contract. We are so confident you will be satisfied with our comparitive rating software , we offer it on a month-to-month basis. Try it out for a week and see what the buzz is about.

RCE Automation

No one has time to run a new RCE for every carrier they quote. We fill MSB, 360Value, & E2Value with ease and very accurately. We have automated the process of completing the RCE for you, so you can focus on more productive tasks.

QUOTERUSH  is more than a comparative rater.

We consulted with some of Florida’s top insurance agents and integrated the best parts of their workflow into QuoteRush.

Carrier Support

Ask your Carrier Reps which software you should be using, after all it is their website you enter your information into for pricing policies. The Carriers might be your best place to find out which rating system is actually filling out the websites correctly.

Miles to Coast

How much time do you waste looking up an address on the Internet and then trying to determine how far away it is from the coast? No more! QuoteRush can automatically find the distance from to the coast line so you don't have to.


QuoteRush takes it to the next level with our unattended quote modes. Handsfree is perfect for bulk lead imports and prepping mail merge data. QuoteBot is amazing for handling a busy office work flow between multiple employees with demanding quote requests. No reason to use inaccurate ball park quotes, get it right the first time and close more business.

Desktop vs Web Based

There are strengths to both sides of this debate. In most situations you want the best of both worlds and better yet you want to be in control so that you can make those decisions. One major difference between web based and desktop software is that your own hardware is the only limiting factor when it comes to making it run faster.

Flexible RCE Completion

You decide when and which RCE gets completed, on every quote, or do one of each RCE type for "apples to apples" quoting, or use the same value for all your quotes and run it on the Carrier with the lowest price per square foot. We built it for every quoting style that exists.

Public Data

We pull the most accurate information from trusted sources to ensure the 100% accuracy of our quotes.