The Learning Center

As a QuoteRush Client, you have access to a large amount of tutorial videos, pdf user manuals, and of course our very friendly and knowledgeable tech support staff. We do our best to get all known issues fixed as soon as possible as well as do our best to stay current on all Insurance Carrier & Property Appraiser websites as well as proper settings for the current recommended web browser.

This page serves as a knowledge-base full of answers to many questions that we have encountered from other users seeking answers or the "How to" method to get things done.

Click on the left picture to view our "How To" Video Library or Click the right picture to see various videos of our system filling out different carrier websites.
If we are missing any videos or you can not find an answer to your question, give us a ring. (866)-688-9292


We host Webinars every day of the week.

The classes are free but you must register before the class begins in order to attend.

Limited Capacity Reserve A Seat Early As Possible
Class always starts at 4pm


Use the schedule below to register for the days you want to attend.
Email reminders will be sent out on the day of the class.

User Manuals/Printed Instructions

Right Click to Save any of the user manuals below.
Double click to open inside of your browser.

Driver & Auto Manual

Here is a Manual to help you quote Automobiles on the QuoteRush system. This will take you through the basics and will help you run your auto insurance quotes the right way and will help to ensure that you get the right quote for the right people.

Manual for Quoting Homes

We now have a new QuoteRush Quickstart Install Guide. This has the minimum specs that are needed to run our system as well as a very thorough setup walk through. This also includes the extra steps that are technicians take when they install QuoteRush on your system.

The Official QuoteRush User Manual

This is the official QuoteRush User manual. This is probably the most easy to follow of our available printed instruction manuals. There is a really excellent walk through that serves as the most popular way to get introduced to our system. This is probably the fastest method that we have seen people use to get comfortable using our software. Click On The Link Below to Open the Official User Manual, then save it to your computer. Right Click on the File below to save it to your computer.